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Let Riot Haute handle the logistics, so you can focus on taking over the fucking world.

You’ve scaled your business in a big way–whether that means big money, revolutionizing your industry, building a team that backs your every move, or a magical as fuck combination of all of the above.

Now it’s time for the next level. We’re talking about scaling, increasing revenue, growing your team, making sure this shit is sustainable for the rest of your life. But setting yourself up for life requires taking a step back and admitting that it’s time for some strategy in the backend of your business. You need an expert to optimize the fuck out of your systems, automations, SOPs, and workflows so that you can guarantee a business that becomes your fucking legacy.



Need a Louise to your Thelma? Except, instead 
of driving off a cliff at the end (spoiler alert), we’ll 
drive head-first into your fabulous future.

You’ve been wearing all of the hats as the CEO of your 
business for too damn long. And even though 
you’re hot as fuck, babe, not all of those hats look good on 
you. Instead of trying to make them work, why not 
let someone wear them for a change?

If you are ready to fully step into your role 
as the CEO of your business, focusing on your zone of 
genius ONLY, then you need a badass COO on your side. 
Think of it this way: you’re the brains, now you need the brawns.

Starting at $5,000/month

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Your team is your business’ main squeeze, but lately 
you’ve been feeling a little… 
naughty. Find yourself a side piece that knows 
WTF they’re doing, and let them step in and optimize the 
fuck out of your business.

 Listen, we get it–your business is your baby, blah blah blah. 
But if you love it so much, why the fuck are you 
implementing random processes without any strategy to back them up, 
and then pretending like they work?

As Ops Consultants, we’ll spend three months inside of
 your business, helping you nurture the baby so that it can grow 
the fuck up. Basically, we look at your big-picture vision, and advise 
you and your team set up systems, automations, and workflows that 
support every step towards total world domination.


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You don’t fuck around with 
your business. Neither will we.

Using our signature 4P framework, we are able to expertly identify and fill 
operational gaps, help you manage and train your team, and ultimately gift 
you with a streamlined, sexy AF business. Our 4P method ensures that absolutely 
nothing – from your big-picture vision to the tiniest details – slips through 
the cracks in your business.

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help me

“But how the fuck do I choose 
what’s right for me?”

All you have to do is ask, boo.

Seriously, we won’t steer you wrong in your business because we take your success really fucking seriously. If you’re stuck 
between Operations Consulting and a COO Retainer, click any of the buttons on this page to get in touch and talk about it. 
But, if you’re itching to figure out how to work with us, here’s a little cheat sheet:

COO Retainers are 
perfect for CEOs who…

- Need a trusted confidante and right-hand bitch starting 

- Have a team in desperate need of an operational expert 
   and project lead.

- Want their operations completely out of sight, out of mind 
   (without worrying about the crash-and-burn that typically 
   comes from ignoring your systems, tools, and automations).

Operations Consulting is 
perfect for CEOs who…

- Want to learn how to own the backend of their business and
   delegate like a real boss ass bitch.

- Have a team that is sending out the systems SOS signal and 
   is in need of some expert training and guidance.

- Can tell that there are some major gaps in the function of their 
   business and client experience, but have no idea where the fuck 
   to start when it comes to filling them in.

Already know which option 
you want to cozy up to?

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